Congratulations, you have chosen the right game! There is no doubt that Blackjack is amongst the most popular games in any online casino out there. will confirm you this right away. This game combines the randomness of the casino with some strategy that gives you a feeling that you actually have some say in the outcome. And yes, it is true, Blackjack is not just purely random. You can try and follow patterns as long as there are not too many card decks in play and as long as these do not get shuffled too often. Counting cards is a method to obtain information about the possibilities in the game. But does it really work?


Proven - but not perfect

There are some proven facts about counting cards. The first efforts go back to the 1950s and 1960s, when players with some mathematic talents started to string data together. They tried to gain an advantage over the casinos where they played Blackjack. As long as games were played with one or two decks of cards. 52 or 104 cards are actually still okay to follow. Casinos felt a need for increased randomness though, so these days, Blackjack is regularly played with six or even eight decks of cards. And you guessed it right of course, this makes counting cards a rather difficult tasks. Add to that, that these cards also get shuffled more often thanks to automated solutions.

Is there an actual advantage about knowing which cards are in play, you might ask. This is a good question, but the answer is rather straightforward. You will have a clue about what could happen next. A very faint one, but at least you have an idea how many high and low valued cards are still in play and which ones have no chance of popping up again. Keep in mind however that with eight decks, this becomes really a bit academical. You will have 32 aces in play, 32 Kings, 32 Queens and so on. It is up to you to decide whether this makes sense, particularly if only a few of those cards will ever be visible.

Because the casinos are always keen to make sure that they keep the upper hand, card counting is no certain method. Increasing the number of decks and shuffling those decks frequently effectively negates the effect the players are trying to have. In Blackjack online as a video game, there is hardly a chance you could be successful with it. After all, these games are not led by real dealers and you could not see a stack of cards. These games are driven by random number generators and cards appear on the virtual table according to an algorithm. And we can tell from experience - these computers are really hard, if not impossible, to beat at their job.

What else can you do?

If you are desperate to have something extra on hand, why not try some other techniques that could help you at Blackjack? Try to use the rules of the game to your advantage. For example you could learn how to play with insurances and splits. Not all the time you have to play until the showdown and sticking to just one hand is neither always the key to success. Whether one or the other is called for depends on the situation. You may require a little experience to get a feel for this anyway. So, try out some Blackjack games in the demo version before you get started playing for real money with all the risks that come with it.

  • Increase your chances by splitting hands
  • Mitigate risk by taking an insurance

The insurance for example is a side bet you can buy to mitigate the risk of a Blackjack in the dealer's hands. If you buy this insurance and the dealer actually holds a Blackjack, you will get the payout from the insurance, which is usually half your initial bet. This is a strategy to mitigate or minimize risk, so a rather defensive strategy. If you are of the more offensive nature, you might want to increase your chances by splitting your hands. You can do you this if you have two cards of equal value on hand, like two Queens or two Jacks. A second hand will give you an extra chance if you go bust with your first hand.